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Decking is the literal bridge between the building and your commercial roof. With time and wear, the building decking must be repaired or fully replaced as part of proper building maintenance. Since decking attaches to the structure of the building, major mistakes will lead to roofing failures above and damages below so quality execution is vital.

Additionally, replacing decking is extremely dangerous and labor-intensive. The task requires a special skill set and extensive experience. For certain repairs, spot replacement can lead to more complex situations, especially when connecting new decking materials with the existing structure (like replacing a tectum deck or a lightweight concrete deck with new 22-gauge steel decking and ISO insulation). It's the goal of these repairs to achieve proper elevation to match the existing roof height which requires specialized equipment such as roof cutters, chop saws, and other tools. Safety is also a matter of utmost priority. These jobs require harnesses, yo-yo’s, safety carts, safety stands, and proper flag markings.

Most roofing company’s don’t want to take on the responsibility of keeping their crew safe, preventing debris damage (roping off and covering areas below), project cleanup, and the costs involved with the required tools and safety equipment that comes with tearing off and replacing the old decking.

Since Professional Roofing Technology is focused on excellence and difficult commercial roofing projects, we've mastered the art of deck repair and replacement. We're also fully equipped with the tools, safety equipment, and craftsmen to safely and effectively execute these deck replacement projects. We're here to do the dirty jobs, so you don't have to.

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  • New Construction
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